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Opportunistic Urbanism

Periode 2017 / Project Opportunistic Urbanism / Opdrachtgever Deltametropool / Locatie Rotterdam

Opportunistic Urbanism is a two-way exchange between two contrasting metropolises: Southern Randstad, a polycentric urban region with a state led and well-regulated model, and Melbourne, a sprawling monocentric city with a more flexible and 'spontaneous' housing production.

Oude Westen - Rotterdam as an example of Dutch inner city housing developments: activist groups and Leeszaal West, CPO and Klushuizen, social and physical renawl programs and an ever changing population. Interactions in semi-public spaces and local interventions as part of the research and study program.


Opportunistic Urbanism is a collaboration between Deltametropolis Association, Melbourne School of Design and TU Delft.

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