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Periode 2012–2014 / Project Stadsklas / Opdrachtgever STROOM Den Haag / Met Afaina de Jong, Francien van Westrenen, Jelte Boeijenga, the Pop-up city

Be­cau­se that’s what we’re loo­king for: ac­ti­ve, cu­rious, coop­e­ra­ti­ve and con­cerned ur­ban pro­fes­si­o­nals (de­sig­ners, de­vel­o­pers, re­searchers, cu­ra­tors, plan­ners, etc.) that walk the bor­ders of their own know­led­ge and want to trans­cend them with help from the Stads­klas. With the ci­ty as a class­room, the eve­ry­day ur­ban re­a­li­ty as tea­ching ma­te­ri­als, and the class as ‘Mas­ter’, we will ac­ti­ve­ly search for so­lu­ti­ons that you won’t find ea­si­ly at your desk or in the books.


We are loo­king for your most pres­sing ques­ti­ons that re­qui­re un­con­ven­ti­o­nal ap­pro­a­ches. If you would li­ke to ta­ke part, de­scri­be your ques­ti­ons as con­ci­se as pos­si­ble and send them to Fran­cien van Westre­nen (fwestre­nen@­stroom.nl) be­fo­re 25 April 2013. The­re is room for 16 par­ti­ci­pants and their ques­ti­ons. Se­lec­ti­on ta­kes pla­ce on the ba­sis of di­ver­si­ty of par­ti­ci­pants and their out­lined is­sues.



The Stads­klas is an ini­ti­a­ti­ve of Stroom Den Haag and will be laun­ched du­ring the ex­hi­bit Uni­ted We which ex­plo­res the con­cept of col­lec­ti­vi­ty. Con­fir­med par­ti­ci­pants of the Stads­klas in­clu­de Afai­na de Jong (Afa­rai), Jelte Boeij­en­ga, Wil­le­mijn Lof­vers and The Pop-Up Ci­ty. Plea­se vi­sit stroom.nl for mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on the pro­ject (sor­ry, Dut­ch)!



The Stads­klas is ma­de fi­nan­ci­al­ly pos­si­ble by the Cre­a­ti­ve In­du­stries Fund (Sti­mu­le­rings­fonds Cre­a­tie­ve In­du­strie).




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