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Periode 2009 / Project Summerschool / Opdrachtgever AvBR, dS+V / Locatie Rotterdam

Rot­ter­dam Open Ci­ty (4ia­br) de­sig­ning co-exis­ten­ce is the the­me of the Sum­mer­school 2009 in Rot­ter­dam. Lo­ca­ti­on: a ty­pi­cal seven­ties hou­sing com­plex "Hof­dijk or He­li­port' by the ar­chi­tect Jan Ver­hoe­ven.

the com­mu­ni­ty 

The idea of the open ci­ty is un­der­mi­ned by the exis­ten­ce of ho­mo­ge­nous ci­ty quar­ters de­sig­ned for spe­ci­fic groups of pe­o­p­le. A lot of the­se are­as we­re built from the seven­ties on­wards as a res­pon­se to ty­pi­cal post-war ar­chi­tec­tu­re and plan­ning and we­re ai­med at maxi­mi­zing a com­mu­ni­ty fee­ling.
Alt­hough in re­a­li­ty most of the in­ha­bi­tants do not ex­pe­rien­ce this sen­se of com­mu­ni­ty the quar­ters are func­ti­o­ning as spa­ti­al en­cla­ves that are dif­fi­cult to pe­ne­tra­te be­cau­se of their spe­ci­fic de­sign. The Sum­mer School will ad­dress this is­sue by loo­king for ways to open up the­se are­as, not by com­ple­te­ly re­con­structing them, but by rein­ven­ting them ma­king use of the ori­gi­nal ide­as be­hind the con­cep­ti­on of the­se neigh­bour­hoods.


Je­wel in a box 

An ar­chi­tec­tu­ral fort­ress with com­mu­nal qua­li­ties lays hi­d­den be­hind main in­fra­struc­tu­ral li­nes at the ed­ge of the ci­ty cen­tre of Rot­ter­dam. Pla­ced in a mo­re bu­si­nes­slike area the Hof­dijk Com­mu­ni­ty was seen as a tre­a­su­re li­ke a ‘je­wel in a box’. Pas­sing by no one would no­ti­ce the hi­d­den qua­li­ties as told in sto­ries by in­ha­bi­tants or ex­pe­rien­ced by vi­si­ting the si­te at day or at night ti­me. The­se sto­ries and the fu­tu­re chan­ge of the sur­roun­ding be­ca­me the stron­ge­st in­put for the ap­pro­ach to ‘open up the com­mu­ni­ty’. 



Jo­an­na, Au­gus­tus, Na­ta­lia, Chris­ti­na, Al­ba, Vir­gil, Ta­ma­ra 


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