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Zilte ProefTuin

Periode 2006–2008 / Project Zilte ProefTuin / Opdrachtgever InnovatieNetwerk / Locatie Nederland / Met Vincent Kuypers, Wim Timmermans, van Bergen Kolpa architecten



Salt Taste Garden

The Salt Taste Garden is the outcome of a sustainable development strategy based ona balance between the landscape, water and economics. The Salt Taste Garden maybe understood as a new landscape typology which is based on perspectives ofbrackish groundwater or irrigation by salt streams. The saltwater produce addressesnew markets, while the landscape invites new forms of recreation. Salt is theengine behind a sustainable transformation. The Salt Taste Garden proclaims anexperimental attitude, for the word proef in its Dutch name means both taste and experimental test. The Gardeners experiment in asustainable, innovative way in raising saltwater and brackish water food crops,and in promoting the novel tastes of the produce to a wide public. The lattercould be done by means of a restaurant on location. The Salt Taste Garden is aplatform for the development of saltwater cultivation methods which isaddressed to both agricultural entrepreneurs and the public. 


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